25 Summer Date Ideas

25 Summer Date Ideas

Get your lousy ass off the couch and show your lady a good time this summer without the assistance of microwavable TV dinners and Netflix.  Seize the damn day because summer is the best season of the year to take your date out and share adventures and create memories because of so many things to do outside.  Here’s a list of 25 summer date ideas that you and your significant other can enjoy together.

1. Bike Ride

Grab two bikes, or a tandem bike if that’s what you folks are into, and just take off.  Spontaneous trips around town or mapped out rides on a nature trail, a bike ride is both great exercise but also very relaxing and enjoyable.

2. Hike

If you live near the mountains or even have to drive a bit to find a scenic nature trail, always take the opportunity to enjoy a hike or walk through the great outdoors.  Besides being great exercise, it’s fun and mountaintop views are absolutely breathtaking.

3. Mini Golf

A little friendly putt-putt competition that’s sure to be a hole in one without any skill requirement.

4. Picnic

Can be combined with another one of these summer date ideas to fill up your bellies.  And you can show off your chef skills, enjoy beautiful outdoor weather, and not have to rack up any outrageous restaurant bills in town.

5. Wine Tasting

Find a local winery, buy a flight and see how you and your gal’s taste buds match up.  Additionally, purchase a bottle to take home and enjoy later.

6. Beach Day

Whether on a coast or simply by a lake, nothing says summer like soaking up some sun on the beach with a bottle of suds.  Swim, tan, and repeat.  Additionally, bring a game to play or ball to toss around.

7. Campfire

Show off your manliness by starting a fire, then pop out the grahams, chocolate, and marshmallows to roast a couple of s’mores.  Great way to cap off the night.

8. Boating

Chances are, if you live by any body of water – you, a relative, or a friend – own a boat.  Pontoon, fishing boat, or canoe… spending a day trolling on the water is a great use of time with your date.  Ask your friend to borrow his boat (buy him a few rounds for the favor) or grab a canoe and go exploring.  Or float out in the middle of the lake with some beers and fishing poles.

9. Cook or Grill

Get together and make some shish kebabs on the grill, combining both of your favorite ingredients.  Or look up an interesting recipe online and cook dinner together.  The journey is just as great as the destination, as long as you both like to cook as well as eat and you don’t burn the house down.

10. Paint and Sip

Back to wine, the nearly universal woman-pleaser.  Sign up for a paint and sip class where you drink wine and paint Museum-of-Modern-Art-worthy masterpieces together.

11. Drive-Ins

Ah, the classic 1950s and 1960s teenage date night.  Pull up to your local drive-in and watch a movie or two together.  Don’t forget popcorn, soda pop, and sweets.  Bring some mints, though, for that inevitably cheesy make-out session at the drive-in.

12. Dance

Go out to a bar or club and dance.  Or, if you don’t know how, take a dance class with your lady and learn.  You have to let loose and dance at some point or another.  Might as well do it with your date and have a good time doing it.

13. Fruit Picking

There are so many ripe orchards out there during the summertime.  Grab some baskets and visit a peach, apple, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, cherry, or raspberry orchard and eat as you go along.  Just don’t wear white in case a berry fight breaks out.

14. Ice Cream

Grab an ice cream cone for those really hot days.  They’re perfect after sunning, hiking, biking, or virtually any other activities. Ice cream cones, sundaes, milkshakes, or slushies – all are great to share.

15. Baseball Game

Take in the great American spectator sport of baseball.  Most cities have ballparks with games all summer long, whether major or minor league.  And baseball tickets are usually much cheaper than other sports, so you can afford to go to more than one.

16. Stargazing

Get out of the city, drive somewhere quiet and take in the amazing night sky.  This caps the perfect evening to a day in the wilderness as well, like camping.  Check the schedule for any meteor showers to really blow her mind.

17. Go Fish

Either on a boat, or at the end of a dock, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as fishing.  Make a game out of who can catch the biggest fish, then take it home for dinner.

18. State Fair

Walking around and eating food, fried every which way, and enjoying various rides and the sight of farm animals is what it’s all about.  I’m sure your little lade will enjoy at least one thing available at the state fair.

19. Farmer’s Market

Visit a local farmer’s market for some fresh vegetables and fruit.  Then take them back home to make a delicious feast for two.

20. Rock Out

Check out a local concert or a show at a local bar.  Find something that you both enjoy listening and experience some live music.  There’s nothing else like it.

21. Zoo

Who doesn’t like animals?  Zoos have a variety of animals that most people are bewildered by, especially since there are a ton of species that you definitely don’t see every day.

22. Amusement Park

No one is too old to have fun at an amusement park.  Or a water park.

23. Horseback Riding

If there are horses and trails near your location, take the opportunity to go horseback riding.  Take a lesson, or go for an afternoon trail ride or an evening ride on the beach.

24. Fly a Kite

Windy summer day? Put the frisbee away and grab a kite to fly to bring you both back to your childhood.

25. Horse Betting

Grab your best summer suit, straw boater or panama hat, load your wallet and take that hot tomato to the track for a relaxed Southern-style date.  Even if none of you are the gambling type, the horse races will certainly draw you in with the willingness to put down at least a 10 dollar bill on the wackiest horse name.

That concludes the list.  If you have others, go ahead and comment with your favorite summer date ideas!

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