Curly Hairstyles For Men

Curly Hairstyles For Men

Curly hair can be difficult to figure out, style, and maintain.  Men with curly hair have battled with their hair for eons.  From shaving it off to attempting to straighten it, it seemed like their only option was either the Bruce Willis or Afroman looks.  Of course, there are several alternative curly hairstyles for men that don’t require the regular use of a razor or pick, and they all depend on which type of curly hair is covering your scalp.

Curly Hairstyles For MenWavy Hair

Although some think of hair as three separate camps (straight, wavy, or curly), a more concise way to categorize hair is either straight or curly.  Wavy hair, is thus a type of curly hair which has the most length between curls.  Especially if grown out long enough, wavy hair has very large and noticeable curls.  However, when cut to less than 3 inches, wavy hair may look completely straight.

Wavy hair is the most versatile type of hair to style in general.  It is also very low maintenance.  You could grow out the flow, wear it messy, or wear it back.  Some medium length curly hairstyles for men with wavy hair include slicking it back, going a little extreme with an undercut, or parting it to the side.  Short cuts can vary from the ever popular and always in-style crew cuts, buzzcuts, and ivy league haircuts.  There are a never-ending  multitude of styles for men with wavy hair, so if this is the type of hair that sits on your head, you’ve been blessed, friend.

Coiled Hair

Coiled hair is made up of smaller and more uniform curls in the shape of the number 3.  If grown out long, coiled hair would look like “Weird Al” Yankovic’s.  If cut very short, it may not have enough length to form complete curls and would look just slightly wavy.

The hairstyles that are readily available to a man with coiled hair can range anywhere from the Troy Polamalu look with longer, brushed coils to the much shorter or medium length of the faux hawk or side part.  Very short curly hairstyles for men with the coiled style of hair include the caesar cut and ivy league cut.  However, don’t miss your chance to slick it back, put on some Wayfarers, and most definitely throw on a hockey sweater to compliment the flow with the power 80’s look.

Kinky Hair

This is the curliest of curly hair.  Curls are kinked and very tiny.  If left untamed, kinky hair grows out very “nappy,” resembling an afro.  Kinky hair needs to be cut very close to the head to minimize its visual curly texture, but the curls are in fact so small that they may be visible even with a short buzzcut.

Kinky hair is a little tricky bastard.  It’s a bit less versatile than its curly counterparts because it is so damn curly.  Therefore, unless straightened out, kinky hair is almost always going to turn into some sort of an afro when grown.  Even when kept short, kinky hair will get very frizzly unless brushed and maintained frequently.  Shorter curly hairstyles look great on men with kinky hair texture.  Some of these include buzzcuts, fades, the high and tight, and other military or regulation cuts.

Whoop it up with your hair if you have any and continue to experiment to see which style suits your head and the type of curly hair you shoulder.

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