Magnetic Bottle Opener

DIY: Magnetic Bottle Opener

A handy bottle opener needs no introduction.  However, this is no ordinary bottle opener.  This simple project will yield you one of the coolest additions to any man cave or home.  Here are some instructions on making your own fancy bottle opener with a magnetic cap catch that can easily be placed on many metal surfaces, such as your fridge full of beer.

Items Needed

  1. Slab of wood
  2. Stationary bottle opener (can be purchased from multiple locations)
  3. 3 circular rare-earth magnets (can be purchased from multiple locations)
  4. Wood glue or epoxy
  5. Wood finish
  6. Drill
  7. Sandpaper
  8. Drill press or router
  9. Box plane or router (optional)
  10. Screws (if none came with the stationary bottle opener)


DIY: Magnetic Bottle OpenerStep 1

Cut out a piece of wood about 3-4 inches wide by 9 inches long.  The wood used here features two contrasting strips of wood for decoration.  An alternative resource could be a wooden cutting board – those are usually decorated with great looking wood grain.


DIY: Magnetic Bottle OpenerStep 2

Use a box plane or router to cut a bevel on all four edges of the front side.  Make sure to cut the end-grain pieces first in-case there is any tear-out.  A second option, if you don’t have a box plane or router, would be to sand down the edges but it will take longer.


DIY: Magnetic Bottle OpenerStep 3

On the back side of the board, use a pencil to trace the outline of your three circular rare-earth magnet.  One toward the top, one toward the bottom, and one in the middle.  Now use a drill press or router with a straight bit to drill out the two holes near the top and bottom just deep enough to fit the magnets so that they are flush with the board.  The middle hole needs to be drilled deeper toward the front of the board so that there is just about 1/8 of an inch left in the board.  Careful not to drill through the wood to the other side.


DIY: Magnetic Bottle OpenerStep 4

Attach the magnets inside the holes with epoxy or wood glue.  Allow some time to dry.


DIY: Magnetic Bottle OpenerStep 5

Measure and drill holes on the front side where you want to screw in the stationary bottle opener.


DIY: Magnetic Bottle OpenerStep 6

Sand down the wood all over and apply your choice of wood finish (a few coats, and allow to dry).  Polyurethane or varnish works well.  You can even opt to stain the wood first if you want to change the color.


DIY: Magnetic Bottle OpenerStep 7

Screw in the stationary bottle opener.  Place it on your fridge and crack open a beer!


DIY: Magnetic Bottle OpenerSource: Andrew Norgen (ComradeNorgren) on

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7 years ago

Thanks for posting this! Do you have a link or more information about where you purchased these magnets?

7 years ago

What size magnets does this use to hold it on the refrigerator? Thanks.

8 years ago

Beautiful Andrew!!!!!