Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale: 10 Signs She’s Not the One

Making a commitment to a woman can be a very difficult and pressure inducing situation.  A lot of factors go into determining if your gal is a wife material, but these factors can apply to either sex and any long term couple.  So, is she a classy lady or devilish vixen?

1.  She Doesn’t Like Your Friends

Often the best sign that she doesn’t truly love you.  Your friends are an extension of your personality and a big part of your life.  If she has problems with accepting your friends, she’ll certainly have problems accepting you if she hasn’t found any problems yet.  This doesn’t mean that she has to get along with your old college buddy who’s longest relationship was a 3 second body shot off a sorority girl, but she should by extension be friends with your best bud.

2. Your Friends Don’t Like Her

Who knows you better than your friends and family?  The big warning sign is when the people closest to you either don’t trust, don’t get along with, or don’t think you’re a good match with your girlfriend.  This isn’t to say that your friends and family are better judges of your interests (I’ll never understand some of their movie recommendations), but in general, they can tell if you and your gal is worthy enough to be by your side.

3. She Hates All of Her Ex-Boyfriends

A woman who only speaks negatively about other people, or if she describes all of her ex-boyfriends as assholes and jerks, means that soon enough, she’ll have the same to say about you.  Unless all of her ex-boyfriends were truly terrible people, then she most certainly deserves a pass, but she also shouldn’t be gossiping about them unless you bring up the subject.  You don’t want to go through a bad breakup and become her 7th asshole ex-boyfriend.

4. She’s Rude to the Waitstaff

It speaks a lot about a person’s character who is rude to the waitstaff or simply doesn’t respect people.  Is she abusive to employees in the service industry or kind and sympathetic?  There’s no reason to go through life having to apologize for negative Nancy up on her high horse.

5. She Attempts to Change You

You are who you are and you should never change yourself just to earn someone’s respect, approval, and love.  If she doesn’t like who you are, hit the road, Jack.

6. You’re Always To Blame

Arguments happen in every relationship; no two people can agree on everything.  However, if you’re always the one apologizing for everything, this should tell you a bit about her ego as well as the fact that there’s a person dictating your relationship and it isn’t you.  If your relationship resembles the relationship of Kim Jong-un and the rest of North Korea, in which you always fear that you might upset the Great Leader, jump the border ASAP.

7. Arguments About Important Things

As I said, arguments happen.  However, they should be about little things like which one of your cooks the best pizza or who sleeps on what side of the bed.  If you argue about big things, such as: whether you should travel the world or be settled down in a house within the next year, or if you should have 6 kids or no kids.  Arguments about important things, like your future together can’t be ignored and should be resolved rather than dwelled on.

8. She’s A Complainer

Nothing pleases this one.  If she finds something to complain about constantly, nothing is good enough for her.  No one wants to listen to someone whine day and night.  Don’t be stuck with a moody Judy.

9. She’s Jealous as a Cat

If your girlfriend sneers or gives other women the stink eye when you interact with them, she’s a jealous Jenny, and does not trust you.  A relationship without trust is as useful as a screen door on a submarine.

10. You Don’t Share Similar Values

One of the most important things that brings people together is sharing similar values and ideals.  You don’t need to both root for the same hockey team or be into the same obscure music genres, but you should respect each other and have similar goals in life. Make sure you strive to reach these goals without stepping over the things you value, like friendship, family, political attitudes, different faiths or lack thereof, or hobbies.

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7 years ago

why would you be dating a girl that fell into these anyways?