Man's Guide to Adding More Volume to Hair

Man’s Guide to Adding More Hair Volume

This guide is designed for all of the men out there suffering from thin or flat out boring hair. Find out how to positively add more volume to your dull-looking hair and gain more confidence with a much more charming hair style.

For some guys — and I understand this won’t happen for most — hitting the hair with a blow-dryer on high heat is probably the most effective way to add some height to their hair. While this may seem extreme for some, a full wet-to-dry blowout is not necessary for achieving a desirable level of volume.

Method 1: With a Blow-Dryer

The quickest and most effective way to gain volume with a blow dryer is to first give the hair a few sprays of sea salt, then blow dry while hand-tussling your hair for approximately 30 seconds. There’s no need to fully dry. Finally, add your desired hair product, like hair wax or putty, and comb through it through with your hands to style it your way.

Blow-drying gives your hair significant lift while the sea salt spray adds texture as it dries. The end result of hair dried with sea salt is a tussled, texturized look with a ton of extra volume — almost like you just came back from a breezy day at the beach. Adding a good product at the end, will allow you to style your hair and retain all that newfound volume and texture throughout the rest of the day.

Method 2: No Blow-Dryer

If a blowdryer is out of the question, there are still a few things you can do to get some volume and lift in your hair. Finding the right product for your hair is never easy, especially since there are so many types of products available and they all sound like they generally do the same thing.

For height, you usually want to avoid heavy gels and pomades which weigh down your hair and make it slick. Instead, you should stick to hair pastes, clays, creams, and maybe a wax. Uppercut Featherweight is a top seller right now and is considered a pliable paste that can be added to damp hair for most guys.

Comb your hair in the opposite way you typically wear it for a few seconds it and then comb back in desired direction. This is the easiest and quickest step you can do to add volume which I do for my own hair. Adding a little hairspray to finish it off never hurts either.

Man's Guide to Adding More Volume to Hair

Hair Volume Disappearing?

If you find your hair falling flat part way through the day:

  1. Wet hands and hand-tussle to lightly dampen hair.
  2. Bend over at the waist and hand comb all your hair toward the ground.
  3. Spritz a little hairspray and lean back up. Besides hairspray, you could substitute a water based product.
  4. Hand comb (or comb) hair in the desired direction for 30 seconds.

That should do it.

Guest article by Kirk Riley, co-founder and barber at Otis & Finn. Otis & Finn has two barber shops in Long Island City. Otis & Finn is known for its high-quality barbering services, chill community environment, and generous bourbon cart. Before opening Otis & Finn, Kirk was a barber in Manhattan and has worked in the fashion industry for 10 years. Kirk wanted to open a shop in the Queens borough that provided high-quality traditional barbering services while also creating a place for neighbors to come, meet, and get to know one another.

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