H-Beard Oil

Review: H-Beard Oil

Since around the beginning of No-Shave-November, I’ve been using a new beard oil.  For those rugged beards unfamiliar with beard oil, acquaint yourself with the number one daily beard grooming product.  The beard oil I’ll be reviewing today is H-Beard Oil by Healing Natural Oils.

Of the many hundreds, if not thousands, of beard oil brands out on the market today, H-Beard Oil is one that doesn’t rely on flashy masculine marketing.  In fact, all the products sold by Healing Natural Oils seem to come in the same amber-colored glass bottle with the uniform white label.  The presentation may be the only thing this beard oil doesn’t excel at.  Some may consider it a bit dull, but at least you can say they let the actual product do all the talking.

H-Beard Oil is American-made and uses 100% natural ingredients:  hazelnut oil (corylus avellana seed oil), jojoba oil (simmondsia chinensis), argan oil (argania spinosa), juniper oil (juniperus communis), and sandalwood oil (santalum album).  It smells citrusy, like lemon, which isn’t a very common beard oil smell.  Many more, I have found, have strong woodsy, cedar scents.  It smells alright but it’s not my favorite scent.  What some may actually like about the bottle is that instead of using a traditional dropper, it has a small insert attached to the bottle’s opening that releases individual drops of beard oil.

Does it work?  Without even having to wait a week for my beard to attain softness, I could tell from the very first application that H-Beard Oil conditioned my whiskers very well and didn’t weigh my face down like you’d find with other oils.  With four small drops, my beard almost instantaneous felt softer and less scraggly.  I’ve been applying it once in the morning after I wash my face and once again later in the day after I shower to avoid any dryness of the beard.  It’s certainly come in handy in the harsh, cold, and dry, winter climate up north.  I don’t walk out the door without putting some in my beard first.  The great thing I’ve really noticed about this beard oil is that it has great longevity.  It lasts a great deal of the day, which is normally a good time frame for your beard to be continuously conditioned, shiny and glowing.

My only gripe is that since Healing Natural Oils is not solely a men’s grooming product company, they only have one beard oil.  That means they currently only sell one scent.  While some may like the citrusy smell, it doesn’t quite appeal to me.

Healing Natural Oils makes its beard oil currently sells H-Beard Oil in .37 fl oz (11 ml) or 1.12 fl oz (33 ml) bottles for $15.95 and $37.95 respectively, which unfortunately makes it one of the more pricey beard oils out there.  But remember, you’re not paying for a flashy label – you’re paying for a high quality product.  Check out the Healing Natural Oils website today if you’d like to try it out!

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