Review: Professor Edward J. Fuzzworthy’s Gentleman’s Beard Care Gloss

The middle of winter is beard season for many. It’s also the time when beards suffer from dryness, scratchiness, and the dreaded beard dandruff. Going back and forth between nipping cold air outdoors and piping hot air indoors easily damages beards and the skin underneath by stripping away moisture. This is the primary reason for investing in a quality beard oil or beard balm to help moisture and bring your beard back to life.

For a few weeks, beginning with No Shave November, I’ve been testing out a new beard balm to see how it stands against the challenges of winter dryness. I don’t know what I was expecting with the ridiculous name: Professor Edward J. Fuzzworthy’s Gentleman’s Beard Care Gloss.

Professor Edward J. Fuzzworthy's Gentleman's Beard Care Gloss

Daffy name aside, I tried the stuff out and was pleasantly surprised by its texture. I like a more “oily” beard balm for everyday use over some of the other balms that are very waxy, rigid and harder to work into facial hair. Some may prefer the reverse, but for me, this beard balm is easy to apply and does not need to be “melted” a bit with heat. Waxier beard balms, or beard waxes in general, need to really be worked between your hands to warm up and may even flake a bit in your beard if not fully melted.

On the other hand, because Professor Edward J. Fuzzworthy’s Gentleman’s Beard Care Gloss isn’t as waxy and rigid as other beard balms heavy on the beeswax, it won’t style your beard to a great extent. It moisturizes and softens beard hairs and the skin underneath very well, which makes beards easier to comb and keep from looking scraggly, but it doesn’t provide a strong hold. This is great everyday conditioner with oily properties that will certainly bring out a bit of shine.

The smell I don’t much care for. The eucalyptus gives it a strong, piney, old man smell that some may enjoy, but isn’t something I would personally write home about. With it being the only real drawback for me, I’d still recommend it as a great product that works well as intended.

The product’s label reads “100% chemical free.” Ingredients include tasmanian leatherwood beeswax and honey (Eucryphia lucida), certified (BFA) sunflower oil (Helianthus annuus), vegetable wax, cocoa butter (Theobroma cocao), jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis), castor oil (Ricinus communis), and essential oils. This ingredient listing on the tin is different than what is written on the company’s site and page: “Jojoba oil, castor oil, certified (BFA) organic Australian olive oil, essential oils – a blend of bay, rosemary, cedarwood, lime and eucalyptus.” The precaution here is that the beard balm I’m reviewing might be fairly different than the “new” beard balm sold by Beauty & the Bees at present.

A 1.3 oz (40 g) tin of Professor Edward J. Fuzzworthy’s Gentleman’s Beard Care Gloss is fairly priced at $14.95 on but currently on sale at the time of this review for a modest $11.95.

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5 years ago

Bought it on the above recommendation. I disagree with the author on the smell though my wife does agree with him; not overpowering but does have a hint of “old man” smell to it. A side benefit is that it’s a good hand moisturizer from rubbing it in, something needed during the cold dry winters of Northern British Columbia. I would give it 4.5 out of 5.