Virtu Beard Balm by Liberty Premium Grooming Co.

Review: Virtu Beard Balm

Upon moving from the American northeast to the southwest, my beard called out for attention. The change to a warm and dry climate gradually dried out my beard turned my entire face into a wild porcupine. Beard balm, the close cousin of beard oil, is the tool a man uses to tame the beast dwelling on their face. The beard balm I used for the last few weeks is Virtu Beard Balm by Liberty Premium Grooming Co.

Virtu Beard Balm is crafted in the United States with all-natural ingredients: babassu oil (attalea speciosa), argan oil (argania spinosa), coconut oil (cocos nucifera), beeswax (cera flava), shea butter (vitellaria paradoxa), eucalyptus, and other essential oils. The ingredients combine to create a woodsy and minty fragranced beard balm that softens dry and scraggly whiskers and helps give beards some shape.

The first thing I really like about Virtu Beard Balm, is the first thing one notices when opening the tin: the smell. I’m a fan of mint and the fragrance from Virtu Beard Balm certainly smells very cool and refreshing. As a beard balm, it works very well. The waxy balm breaks down when rubbed between one’s palms prior to application. Some balms, I have found, are too waxy and have trouble breaking down easily and may need extra heat to help melt properly. The balm actively keeps the beard soft and neat for at least a full day, so one tin should last a good while. Upon combing a dime-sized amount of beard oil into my beard, it looked and felt fuller and I was able to style it to keep stray facial hair whiskers from flying in 600 different directions. One thing that I like about it in comparison to its beard oil cousin, besides the styling properties of the beeswax, is its matte finish. Sometimes you don’t want your beard to have an oily shine that beard oil always creates.

A 2 oz (60 ml) tin of Virtu Beard Balm by Liberty Premium Grooming Co. is among the higher priced beard balms at $25.99 on Make no mistake, however, when considering the purchase of this beard balm based on quality. The quality is definitely present in this product.

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