Rugged Men's Grooming Checklist

Rugged Men’s Grooming Checklist

In the past, men were not expected to know that much about grooming, nor was there an abundance of grooming products available on the market. A rudimentary toothbrush and any razor you could get your hands on, that was pretty much it.

Oh how times have changed. Grooming and looking your best are no longer activities reserved for women; the modern man takes care of his appearance, both at work and at leisure.

Luckily, there are an abundance of products on the market that make male grooming quick and effortless. Australian based Shaver Hut offers products to suit every man’s grooming needs. The following is a list of essential grooming products no modern man should be without.

Wet Shaving Set

Nothing is quite as manly as wet shaving, a ritual that dates back centuries, and harks back to a time when men were men, and shaving was more of an art-form and coveted ritual than an annoying chore. Although it may seem antiquated, wet shaving provides a close shave that is unsurpassed by modern technology and products. The three main components of a wet shaving set are a sharp razor, a glycerin-based shaving cream, and a brush. Shaver hut offers a wide array of high quality wet shaving sets, from beginner sets to true masterpieces of engineering and craftsmanship. They may seem a tad expensive at first glance, but these products are made to last a lifetime. Shaving is a daily routine, so why not make it special and enjoyable?


Cologne is an often misused, but nevertheless essential grooming product. It should serve not as an olfactory mask or the basis of your hygiene routine, but rather as an interesting accent. Moderation is key, and small amounts of cologne should be applied to strategic pulse points behind the ears, on the wrists and the base of the throat. These areas produce heat that helps activate the scent. A good bottle of cologne should last you at least a year, and Shaver Hut has a wide variety of colognes to choose from. The bottles are a work of art in their own right, and the scents are heavily influenced by classic and natural ingredients, such as sandalwood, green tea, lavender and many more.

Electric Shavers

Let’s face it, not everyone has the time or inclination towards the meticulous art of wet shaving, or maybe find it impractical when travelling and on the go. That is where the electric shaver comes into play. They have come a long way since the clumsy intimidating models of yester decades. Modern electric shavers are chock full of modern technology, from waterproof technology to fully rotating heads and LED screens that let you know how much battery life you have left.

Hair Products

The cleanliness and styling of your hair can make or break your image. Although any self-respecting man should not have hundreds of hair care products lying around his bathroom, there are a few essentials that you should not be without. A small, well-chosen arsenal of hair care products can make the difference between starting your day as a suave professional or as a mad scientist with a bad hair day. Shaver hut is proud of its extensive collection of hair products and offers a large variety of shampoos, conditioners, gels, waxes as well as hair grooming accessories. Whatever type of hair you have; be it oily, dry, wavy, curly, Afro or thinning, you can find a product that is perfect for your needs. As we are in the decade of the beard, there are also a selection of great products for maintaining your facial hair such as beard shampoo and gloss, mustache wax, and many more.

Dental Care

You could be the most handsome, best dressed and most talented man around; but all of this is worth little if your breath is unpleasant. Halitosis, or bad breath, is the result of bacteria in your mouth digesting various proteins. Combating this bacteria is key to good oral hygiene and fresh smelling breath. A toothbrush alone simply will not cut it, as there are nooks and crannies in the mouth that simply cannot be reached. That is why it is important to have a good mouth wash on hand for the ultimate freshness. Shaver Hut’s dental program has some of the best electric toothbrushes, mouthwashes, toothpastes and dental irrigators available on the market. A gleaming set of pearly whites and fresh breath will do wonders for both your image and confidence.


The skin is our largest organ, and the ultimate indicator of health, youthfulness and beauty. There are many things that can adversely impact the youthfulness of our skin and cause it to look unsightly; spots, blemishes, dryness and acne just to mention a few. Bags and creases under the eyes are another unsightly phenomenon that can affect us all.

Luckily, Shaver Hut has products that can rejuvenate your skin and whip it back into pristine condition. Smooth skin also makes for a much smoother and cleaner shave, and this is not to be overlooked. A dab of cream or moisturizer here and there does not take up much of your time, but can make a marked difference in your appearance and wipe away the years.

Hop to It

A few carefully chosen grooming products are all you need to ensure you always look your best. Investing in high quality products will pay dividends in the future. Not only will your looks and hygiene be immaculate, but your grooming products will last you longer and be markedly more enjoyable to use than their cheap counterparts.

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Jeff Martinez
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